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Neighbor Stories: South Dakota 2016 (Continued)


As predicted, Day 5 started hot and the temperatures only continued to climb throughout the day reaching a high just under 100 degrees. Despite the heat, our team and the kids were primed for one last day of fun before we leave.

With the clock ticking down toward zero, the Work Team (with the help of some of the younger members of our team) wrapped-up its various painting projects around the facility.

The Food Team continued its amazing efforts providing a fabulous dinner of Sloppy Joe's with Party Potatoes, corn, fresh fruit and brownies for over 80 kids and adults.

The Activities Team saved the best for last with a day of crafts, games, activities and decorations based on the movie "Frozen", including giant snowflakes decorations

and a snowball fight using man-made snow.

With goodbyes said to each of the kids, we cleaned the Youth Center from top to bottom and then packed the kitchen and craft supplies for departure Saturday morning. Once the packing was complete, we had our last team meeting of the week. The main focus of the meeting was to share observations from the week and to give thanks to everyone for their efforts.

We also had more haikus presented during our final meeting than at any other meeting during the week. The haikus were too many and too good to just share a couple of them on today's post. As a result, we have decided to dedicate an entire post-trip post to share all of the haikus presented during our week at Cheyenne River Youth Project.

Following the Team meeting, a number of the members of the team stayed-up well-past midnight for a "last night" dance party featuring the Cha-Cha Slide, the John Wall and other popular dances. (I would not be surprised to see Emily Bartner and Aaron Holtmeier on an upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars".)


We woke-up early to a bright and windy Saturday morning to complete our packing for the trip home. Once the packing was completed, we had time for one last team picture.

With the last team picture taken and a round of hugs and thank yous for all, our team scattered with the wind as some headed west to the Black Hills and others headed home by a variety of routes.

In closing, we had an amazing week at Cheyenne River Youth Project. Not only did we have the opportunity to assist the staff and long-term volunteers with a variety of projects, we also had the opportunity to have fun with 50+ kids each day through a variety of Disney-themed crafts, games, activities and decorations. Through all of this, we had the opportunity to see God work in each of us as he allowed us to share His love with our neighbors at the Cheyenne River Youth Project.

With all that said, one final haiku to wrap-up our week at Cheyenne River Youth Project.

A long week finished

All the memories in mind

Many thanks to all

Presented by Olivia Herring

God's Blessings from the South Dakota Family Mission Team

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