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Neighbor Stories: South Dakota 2016 (Continued)


Another beautiful day in South Dakota. We know the hot weather is returning tomorrow, so we are going to really enjoy the final day of cool weather while it lasts. We also know that our days here in South Dakota this summer will be ending soon so we are going to soak-up every drop of the time we have left here.

With our time here at Cheyenne River Youth Project running short, the Work Team hit the ground running today and knocked out a number of projects, including repainting the entrance to the Teen Center, repainting the walls in the Art Park (in preparation for the new paintings that will replace them in 2 weeks as part of the Red Can Graffiti Jam) and completing the path in the Art Park.

The Food Team continued its monumental efforts feeding dinner to over 90 people today. They also pitched-in to assist Maggie Herring with snacks for the afternoon activities, including Monster Eyeball Munchies (consistent with theme of the day, Monsters University).

The Activities Team reached an all-time high today with 57 kids attending today's activities based on Monsters University.

These activities included face painting,

Monster Slime

and an obstacle course featuring a shaving cream balloons,

after which we took a break to relax with new friends.

We ended the day with a trip outside of town for a little stargazing and an end of the day devotion led by Ben Gerdes.

Our featured haikus for the day focus on events that occurred during our time here in South Dakota. The first haiku relates to an accident that occurred on the playground on Wednesday that resulted in a trip to the Emergency Room for Bella Bartner as a result of being accidentally hit by a softball bat.

I got a lip cut

I have become a softball

I got my face glued back

Presented by Bella Bartner

The second relates to the efforts of one of our team members, Connor Cross, to rid the Youth Center of flies.

There are many flies

My goal is to kill them all

Fly strips are my love

Presented by Maggie Herring

That is it for today.

God's Blessings from South Dakota

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