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Neighbor Stories: South Dakota 2016 (Continued)


Our second day at CRYP began with a bright sunrise, a cool breeze out of the southeast, a warm cup of coffee and a plate full of biscuits and gravy.

Following breakfast we split into teams with each team focusing on a different task.

The Work Team headed out to the Art Park to continue preparations for the Red Can Graffiti Jam.

The Activities Team began preparations for the kids activities for the day based on the movie "Tangled".

The Food Team began preparing chili for our chili and hot dog dinner.

In order to increase attendance at the activities we also created a new Marketing Team that took flyers advertising the planned activities for the week and handed them out in downtown Eagle Butte,

Thanks to the hard work of the Marketing Team, over 40 kids showed up for activities, not including our own "kids".

With so many kids participating in the afternoon activities, the Food Team was required to adjust on the fly in order to feed over 80 people.

This also led to the reappearance of our famed South Dakota Dancing Dishwashers who cleaned over 80 dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, cups, spoons, forks and knives.

We ended the day with a great interactive devotion led by LeaAnn Herring focusing on the things that distract us from our faith.

In honor of the yoeman's efforts of the Food Team and the Dancing Dishwashers our featured haikus for Day 2 are:

More people than food

Waving the magic food wand

Hot dogs and chili

Presented by Debbie Nihill

Kids Dance in Kitchen

While cleaning dinner dishes

They make the work fun

Presented by Mike Gerdes

God's Blessings from South Dakota.

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