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Our Story is not a story.  Our Story is many stories.


Our Story is the story of Debbie Wills, her family and how a parent's effort to teach her sons about American history from an indigenous viewpoint led to a life-long friendship with Julie Garreau, the Cheyenne River Youth Project and the people of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation.


Our Story is the story of Katie Herring and how her dream of a father-daughter trip to Poland to help at an English as a Foreign Language/Bible Camp for teenagers led to the creation of a Day Camp ministry that reaches hundreds of kids, youth and young adults in Poland each year.


Our Story is the story of Christy Weber and how her search to find the place God was calling her to serve led her to Guatemala and the people of Quebrada de Agua and how from such beginnings Christy has continued to bring family and friends to Guatemala each year to serve others.


Our Story is the story of Nita Holt and Jennifer Counts and how an off-handed comment following a trip to the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation about a desire to bring Christmas gifts to the kids of the Reservation led to a Christmas toy drive that collects gifts for over 600 kids each Christmas.


Our Story is the story of Pat McCormick and how a chance encounter at the National Prayer Breakfast led to a decades long friendship with Robert Cummings and support for the Janet T. Toe Orphanage Home and the Logan Town neighborhood in Monrovia, Liberia.


Our Story is the story of how a short term job and a passion for others led to a full-time ministry that is bringing clean water, improved sanitation and hope to people and communities throughout Central America.

Our Story is the story of Ken and Charlotte Wienski and how one trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation forever changed their perspective of poverty, health disparity, substandard living conditions and the lack of hope for the Lakota people on Pine Ridge and formed the basis for a life-long friendship with Jim Nelson Blackbear, his family and the people of Pine Ridge. 

Our Story is not a story.  Our Story is many stories. 

But even our many stories are all still the same story: The story of how God motivates, empowers and mobilizes ordinary people to show their love for Him by loving their neighbors, locally, nationally and internationally, through their words and their actions.

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