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Freed slaves, primarily from the United States, settled Liberia between 1821 and 1838.  The settlers brought several aspects of American culture with them, including a constitutional form of government in which settlers had more power than the indigenous peoples.


This tension created a powder keg that ignited in the 1980s with a military coup, which ultimately led to civil war from 1989 through 2003. The war’s destructive force is evident in the capital city of Monrovia, which had running water, electricity, and functioning sewer and sanitation systems before the war. The war left the city’s residents, now including refugees from other war torn parts of the country, picking up the pieces.


Now, the citizens of Liberia have been working to rebuild their country and their communities. Since 2005, Logan Town Outreach has participated in this effort by supporting the Janet T. Toe Orphanage Home in the Logan Town neighborhood of Monrovia.


Logan Town Outreach provides ongoing support for the basic needs of the orphanage, such as school fees, food, and clothing for the twenty children who call Janet T. Toe their home. Logan Town Outreach also funds special projects, bringing running water, electricity, a septic tank, and a new roof to an orphanage that has been expanded three times.


Logan Town Outreach has also started to expand its scope beyond the orphanage.  An example of this increased scope is an awareness campaign during the recent Ebola outbreak that Logan Town Outreach funded. The campaign gave the broader community information about disease prevention, including sanitation techniques and burial protocols.


Moving forward, Logan Town Outreach intends to continue to support the Janet T. Toe Orphanage Home, while working to rebuild the greater Liberian community.


Click on the box below to learn how you or your church, school or organization can join the Logan Town Outreach Team in its work in Liberia. 


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