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Many charitable organizations rely on direct financial support from outside donors as the sole means of fulfilling their charitable mission.  While AIM certainly appreciates any and all direct financial support it receives, our primary goal is not to obtain direct financial support from outside donors.  Instead, AIM's primary goal is to partner with people and organizations to obtain their direct involvement in the work AIM is doing.  


In some cases that work involves direct outreach opportunities to connect and work with friends around the world.  In other cases, that work involves assisting AIM in collecting items and funds that will be used or distributed in connection with AIM's work.  


One such activity is the Annual Christmas on the Reservation Toy Drive organized by AIM's Friends of Lakota Youth Team.  Through the Toy Drive AIM partners with Cheyenne River Youth Project to collect toys, clothes, school supplies and other items for distribution to kids, youth and teenagers on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation.  The Toy Drive begins in early November when we receive our allotment of Christmas letters from the kids on the Reservation and ends when wrapped gifts are delivered to these same kids on or before Christmas Day.  In the interim, hundreds of gifts are collected, sorted, packed, shipped, unpacked, resorted, wrapped and delivered, an effort that involves literally hundreds of people around the Midwest.  Click on the box below to learn more about how you or your church, school, or organization can assist the Friends of Lakota Youth Team to bring Christmas to the kids at the Cheyenne River Youth Project. 


Another such activity is the Shoe Drives hosted by AIM's Shoes & Hope Team.  Through these Shoe Drives, Shoes & Hope partners with churches, schools, universities, hospitals and other organizations to collect gently used shoes.  These shoes are then sold to an exporter who cleans them and ships them overseas for resale.  With the proceeds from the sale of these shoes, Shoes & Hope is able to dig wells, build water distribution systems, install latrines, provide nutritional assistance and engage in other community development activities in the developing world.  Click on the box below to learn more about how you and your church, school, or organization can assist the Shoes & Hope Team in bringing clean water and community development to people in the developing world from their website. 


A third such activity is the Logan Town Outreach Team's annual funds drive to help meet the needs of the Janet T. Toe Orphanage Home and its residents in Monrovia, Liberia.  Through the fund drive Logan Town Outreach is able to provide ongoing support to the orphanage, including school fees, food and clothing for the twenty children who call the orphanage their home. Logan Town Outreach also funds special projects for the orphanage, including a water distribution system, an electricity distribution system, a septic tank, and a new roof.  Logan Town Outreach has also started to assist with the needs of the other residents of the Logan Town neighborhood, including the funding of an awareness campaign during the recent Ebola outbreak that provided information about disease prevention, including sanitation techniques and burial protocols.  Click the box below to learn how you can financially support the work of the Logan Town Outreach Team.


Support the Christmas toy drive
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